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Refill Paraffin Wax

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Refill Paraffin Wax

Advantages of a Paraffin Bath (Supply of heat, moisture, and nutrition)
People whose hands and feet feel numb and cold from too many household chores
Office workers who want to de-stress and relieve fatigue
People with stiff joints in their hands and feet
People with fragile nails
Women who wish to keep their hands and feet soft and beautiful
Middle-aged and elderly people with dull pain in wrists and ankles
Tired finger joints from excessive computer use
Cracked heels and rough soles

│ Paraffin Wax │

Paraffin wax heated and melted in the bath, with the surgical area being directly dipped into the paraffin bath or it being applied to the effected area with a brush, takes advantage of thermal conduction as the dry heat therapy method. Paraffin bath is used as one of the most effective heat therapies to treat pain, and the thermal conductivity of paraffin is so weak that insensitive temperature is high, enabling skin to endure high temperature of 55°C~ 60°C Celsius.

Paraffin retains a great amount of heat, thus it slowly gets cold compared to other materials such as mud, water, thick soil, skin, air, keeping warm the area where paraffin film is formed. And paraffin itself is called dry heat, but perspiration occurs between skin and paraffin film in terms of therapy, thus it is also called moist heat.

This is why paraffin bath is treatment method using both dry heat and moist heat.

│ How to Use Paraffin Wax │

1.Dry the surgical area.
2.Dip the surgical area into paraffin solution kept warm with the surgical temperature, then take it out quietly, slowly making paraffin film with it left until paraffin gets solid into white on skin, which is usually repeated 7~ 10times.
3.Wrap with vinyl and cover it with a big towel and blanket if the film of paraffin is formed, which has to be kept for about 15minutes.
4.Remove the paraffin after the surgical time.

│ Advantages of Paraffin Wax │

1.Paraffin has to be kept at 48°C~ 58°C in solution at low melting point and when melting.
2.Low thermal conductivity on skin.
3.Paraffin slowly transfers heat, which lasts longer than water.
4.Able to wrap the surgical area.
5.No need to worry about place for paraffin bath, which doesn't require fixed posture.
6.No danger of burns.
7.Ingredients of skin moisturizing oil after use that leads to moisturizing effect on the surgical and massage areas.

│ Kinds of Paraffin Wax Product │

1.For physical therapy.
2.For skin care
3.For pack and massage.

│ Information │

1. 1box:6LBS
2. Weight: 2.9kg
3. Dimension: 18cm x 29.5cm x 11cm


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Refill Paraffin Wax